Simple Ways to Make Money Online

To help you pick the right career option, given below are ways to make money online.

1. Start a Website

Starting a website is usually the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they plan on starting a business online. A website offers users something that they’re interested in. Look at Facebook and Yahoo, these are simple but powerful websites with the owners that are raking in billions of dollars. The potential is huge, you may even turn your website into an incorporation, just like Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook. When it comes to a new ‘concept’, being first matters a lot.

2. Start a Blog

You must be wondering what’s the difference between a website and a blog? Technically, they both are the same thing, however, blog is limited in a way that it’s more about sharing your opinions. For example, LinkedIn, a social media website, has its own blog section where writers share their opinions.

BuzzFeed is also mainly a blog, and makes huge money with ads and paid content. Even smaller names like Perez Hilton are now doing big business with blogs, there are even work from home bloggers who earn in tends of thousand dollars a month working online, if this income report earning $30,000 dollars in one month does not convince you then I don’t know what will.

3. Start an eCommerce Store

An eCommerce store is an online store where you sell products. Thanks to the option to be a middleman, you do not have to worry about making your own products. You may acquire products from the seller and sell them at your store, just like a retail store. Even Amazon and eBay are big eCommerce stories helping people sell. You earn profit on each sale as you work to find more customers.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

The list of people making money via YouTube is endless. Look at TheRadBrad making around $915,000 a year just by posting original videos on YouTube. You can also replicate his success by coming up with something unique. When it comes to YouTube, it’s all about getting more subscribers and views.

5. Offer Freelance Services

There are tonnes of freelance sites out there like UpWork and Guru. There are 34 million people freelancing in the US, and the trend is constantly on a rise. An average freelancer makes $21 per hour, and works 36 hours a week. However, the amount you make largely depends on your niche, the platform you use to work at and the amount you charge.

6. Be an Influencer

Influencer marketing is rapidly growing. In simple words, an influencer is a person with a good following over the internet and the ability to influence decisions. It is just like celebrity endorsement where you endorse a client or a product to make your followers take notice.

7. Advertise Through Social Media Profiles

If you have a good social media profile with a nice amount of followers, you can use it to make money. Even big celebrities like Kim Kardashian use social media to make money. The difference between this and influencer marketing is that you do not essentially need to be an influencer to make money. You can start a random Facebook page or Instagram profile and find success. Look at the success of Tasty and Humans of New York, two Facebook pages with billions of likes and tonnes of money.

8. Trade Online and Invest

This may sound like a stretch, but you can become an investor online and start playing with stocks. While it is equally risky and rewarding, it is much more easier to do and a sure shot way to change your fortune if luck is on your side, with some knowledge on stocks.

9. Get Paid to Use Something

As mentioned earlier, companies are willing to pay you for your opinions and time. You can join a website and spend a few hours every day to make a good amount of money.

10. Earn Commissions

There are several ways to earn commission online. One of the easiest methods is by selling products as an affiliate. Multi level marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade, and a number of people have made it as a full-time career. It’s all about selling another company’s products and making a commission on each sale.

11. Review Products and Services

Companies out there are looking to pay you for your opinions. It’s a known fact that around 70% people look for reviews before they purchase a product. Companies understand this, and are willing to pay you to write for them.

12. Fill Surveys and Get Paid for Using the Internet

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it does, but it’s true. You can get paid to do nothing but use the internet and share your opinions thanks to website that pays to fill surveys, browse the web. You can easily find jobs that include filling surveys and data entry. There are many companies looking at getting information, and they are willing to pay for the same. Each survey pays around $3, but some can go as high as $10. If you do it as a full-time homebased job you may be able to make a decent amount of money.

13. Avail Free or Discount Offers

It may sound like a funny idea on paper, but you can make money by available free or discount offers. It’s all about getting something at a low rate and selling it at a high rate to make a profit.

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